PD_28 Kibeland Handheld Clinical Refractometer, Serum Protein 0~12g/dl, Urine Specific Gravity 1.000~1.050sg, Refractive Index 1.333~1.360 RI, with EXTRA Mini USB Light

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    • Designed for clinical usage and also intended for veterinary.
    • Measuring Range: Serum Protein 0~12g/dl; Specific Gravity 1.000~1.050sg; Refractive Index 1.333~1.360 RI
    • Accuracy: Serum Protein: ±0.2g/dl; Specific Gravity ±0.005sg; Refractive Index: ±0.0005 RI
    • ATC: Automatic Temperature Compensation Range 10~30°C
    • Sturdy and light weighted aluminum body

    * This clinical refractometer provides veterinarians and clinicians with quick and accurate indication of vital fluid's levels. The 3-in-1 scale design measures Urine Specific Gravity (SG), Total Serum Protein (SP) and Refractive Index (RI).

    * The specific gravity of urine can be measured with a special hydometer so-called urinometer. Measuring by this refractometer is simplier - you need only a few drops of urine and you need not use a temperature compensation table.

    * ATC Compensation Range (Built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation System) from 10~30°C.

    * Easy and very convenient to use. Place a few drops of the liquid on the optical part of the refractometer, cover the prism (the liquid will spread more easily over the prism), look through the eyepiece against the light (focus, if necessary) and you will be able to read the result value on the scale.


    Scale / Characteristic: Serum Protein
    Scale Range: 0~12g/dl
    Resolution: 0.2g/dl

    Scale / Characteristic: Urine Specific Gravity
    Scale Range: 1.000~1.050sg
    Resolution: 0.005sg

    Scale / Characteristic: Refractive Index
    Scale Range: 1.333 to 1.360 RI
    Resolution: 0.0005 RI

    Reference temperature 20°C
    Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC: 10~30°C)
    Focus possibility
    Item Weight: 3.5 ounces
    Length: 175mm
    Shipping Weight: 12 ounces
    Shipping Dimensions: 8.3 x 3.6 x 2.2 inches


    Refractometer x 1
    Distilled Water x 1
    Pipette x 10
    Mini USB Light x 1
    Screwdriver x 1
    Cleaning Cloth x 1
    User Manual x 1
    Firm Plastic Case x 1
    Paper Box x 1



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